Is your website design preventing you getting more clients?

The main website design factors when wanting to generate more leads and sales for your business.

When it comes to running a successful business, web design should be at the forefront of your mind. It's true...the whole online space is deeply crowded and there has never been a more varied selection of online services for consumers to choose yes, you have competition, and lots of it!

BUT, even though there is a plethora of similar businesses out there, you still have multiple opportunities to ethically steal your competitors customers and offer a better landing page experience for those clicking on your website.

Remember, most website visitors will consume the information presented and click off! it's rare a customer will commit on a first visit; or the research stage as it's known. This is why obtaining customer details is vital is it allows you to open dialogue and build rapport with a visitor who has previously engaged with your services. Having a website which leaks prospective customers is not good for your company balance sheet!

Good website design has to be lead generation focused

Having a web design which focuses on capturing visitor information to enable a follow up is far more important than having a distracting animated slider which could have a negative effect on your customer's intent.

Many 'bespoke websites' are built with all the bells and whistles (apparently!), but lack even the most basic lead generation features which are preventing them from increasing their profits many times over. 

A successful business will nurture prospects from the very first visit and turn them into repeat buyers. It's incredible how many thousands some businesses spend on a website when the finished product is simply not built to make money but would make a great digital museum piece.

Customers are interested in the RESULT - they are not interested in your pretty sliders and animations! Make them feel valued, build trust and sell to them repeatedly

Website design catered for your mobile browsing customers

Mobile is now the dominant search method for consumers looking to make purchases and decisions, because most people are on the go and lead busy, hectic lives, time is an important factor when it comes to displaying your content. If your website is slow at loading over on a mobile device, then the chances of the person clicking off are extremely high.

The information and the messaging you give your visitors needs to be almost instant. This is where your website design needs to be optimised for performance, speed is actually a huge ranking signal for Google now...particularly mobile load times, so it pays for you to ensure your web design is built with mobile search in mind.

Google have actually recently rolled out 'mobile first indexing' which means it gives priority to websites which provide customers with a high-quality mobile experience. Is your current website mobile-friendly?

You can still have a fantastic looking, mobile optimised website design which is built to generate leads on autopilot whilst having a very appealing website design.

I would recommend stop overthinking on the design part, and start focusing on the reason you are running a business in the first place. Almost certainly not because you want to win the best website award 2018...

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