The importance of conversion focused web design

I really want to get my message across about conversion focused web design - your online presence is one of the most important elements of a successful business. It's rare to come across a business without a website; or at least access to a sales page. 

Unfortunately, many websites out there are not set up to actively warm up their visitors and turn them into potential leads, instead the emphasis has been placed on the way it appears without any thought being placed on growing customer email lists.

If you are considering launching a business and require a new website, this article may be useful for you, or you may have an existing website which is not converting well for you - this is where you need to be thinking about changing to a more conversion focused web design to grow your business rather than let it stagnate.

Why you should focus on a conversion focused web design which will get you new customers on autopilot.

The idea of a website is that it should keep your visitors engaged on your site and give them the opportunity to get a taste of your core offers or products.

However, in a world which operates at a million miles per hour, people rarely have the time (or patience) to go through page and after page to learn more about who you are, people usually skim content...

This is why you should always look for ways to continue building trust and developing a relationship after they leave your website. 

In fact, many visitors will never return to your website after they click off, and websites which have been designed based on 'aesthetics' will never perform as well as a site build with conversion in mind.

We use Thrive Themes for WordPress to build conversion focused websites and sales funnels

What is conversion focused web design?

To put it simply, it's a website which still has fantastic aesthetics, but the prime aim is for it to work for you and to get more prospects on your email list and into your sales funnel.

Many websites are simply static content, offering nothing to the visitor apart from the same old boring content which they have probably seen a million times. 

With conversion focused web design, the one of the main ideas is to strategically place various free opportunities across the main areas of your website, being above the fold is usually as soon as a visitor hits your website, an free opportunity is presented.  

These free opportunities should be relevant to the content your visitors are engaging with; this could be something such as a free report, a free eBook, a how-to guide, or something with a monetary value attached to it, such as a discount voucher...something which will get your visitors excited and more than happy to part with their personal details in exchange for the freebie.

The idea of a conversion focused website is to organically push your visitors into your funnel which will then trigger an email sequence relative to the sign up. Most of your sales will be conducted behind the scenes unless you are a company the size of amazon.

The web pages need these sign up opportunities to be the focal point of your site, you want a visitor to take action early on in the browsing process before they leave your site (sometimes for good..). The main aim of ANY website is getting customers onto your email list.

If you're not doing this you are leaving a lot of money on the table!

Your core offer should be clear on the very first page your visitors stumble across.  It should clearly display what they will receive if they give you their personal details. You should then continue the relationship building process right there and then by sending them to a 'Thank You' or 'Download' page where your visitors can obtain 'the thing' they signed up for. You can then use this bonding and offer a one-time offer or something as simple as directing them on to your Facebook or LinkedIn group.

Let your sign ups breath! Free your web design of needless clutter

Have you ever stumbled across a website and found it had so many things going on that is distracts you from the main purpose of visiting the site?

It's easy to get lost when browsing service based websites, they are often filled with pointless and distracting elements which can totally disconnect the visitor from the initial browsing purpose.

It's important that your site is laid out in a structure which is easily digestible and gets to the point as quickly as possible whilst offering the aforementioned freebies which should be relevant to the page the visitor is on.

In reality, your customers do not really care about the design of your site, sure it should look professional and represent you as a brand, but they will not buy from you because your website looks good! 

Prospects buy from a company because they give them the information they initially searched for without any BS. A really good, natural mail sequence always converts. Building rapport and developing trust with your leads... will eventually see you increase your repeat customer base.

A quick web design recap for maximising conversions with a conversion focused website

  • Take time creating your free offer - make sure that you are giving your visitors the option to subscribe to your email list by offering something tantalising...go the extra mile to package your freebie nicely. You can create really nice looking eBooks, vouchers  and such on
  • Usability over fancy design- if you're looking to build your email list, make sales and build a fan base, don't obsess over the design elements, place the emphasis on usability, don't confuse or distract your visitors away from the goal in mind. It's not a beauty contest! Avoid parallax effects, animated sliders and other pointless gimmicks which will put pressure on your conversions.
  • Ensure  it is responsive - not only should your web design be responsive on mobile (this is pretty standard practice now in 2018), but any content boxes, lead generation popups should fit the screen. Many times you will stumble across a website where the popup is only half present on the screen. Lead lost right there!

If you're considering a new website design I hope this gave you a little to think about. Always think of your own journey when looking for products and you buy the said product/service because the website has a lovely parallax effect and multiple sliders?

Or do you buy because the offer was presented with no fuss, quick loading times and an free offer you couldn't refuse?

Build your conversion focused website using Thrive Architect, which is a page building plugin for WordPress.

Thrive is different from all page builders as it is purely focused on lead generation, so you have the ability to create a stunning website whilst staying on point when it comes to building your customer lists and making more sales.

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