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Why Lead Generation Focused Web Design Is Absolutely Vital For Growing & Establishing Your Business 

When you think of website design do you think about mesmerising colours? bold imagery? majestic fonts? What if we told you that these things were the least of your concerns? We have helped many businesses where their 'beautiful and expensive' website was simply not bringing them customers. The sad truth, is many web designers, whilst being visually brilliant, do not put marketing at the forefront of web design process. While all of these big, bold colours and 'exciting' elements may look good on the surface, usually they are distracting for the end user and this can result in a lack of conversions; which means a lack of money coming in.

The importance of mobile optimised web design to grow your business

In 2018, mobile browsing equates to well over 50% of all searches made, and this is a continuing trend. So, on mobile, your big, bold website loses a lot of it's flavour, simply due to the available space. So, what looks good on a desktop device, may fall short on mobile. With web design on mobile, the experience has to be fast. Nobody like a slow website, and this becomes more apparent when trying to browse the internet on your phone with a less than desirable connection. When a site is not optimised for performance, you are giving your visitors a reason to close the window and then click on one of your competitors.

When we design websites for entrepreneurs and businesses, we adopt a 'mobile-first' policy. This doesn't mean that the laptop or tablet version will suffer...it simply means we take the customer journey very carefully and since most people are searching for products and services from their mobile devices, it makes sense to start there. We still use all the nice images and nice colours...we can pretty much do whatever you want, but the most important thing is giving visitors the opportunity to 'opt in' to your email list without them leaving your site; most visitors don't buy on their first visit.


You'll often see and hear a lot of 'gurus' telling you that you need to abandon your website in favour of a sales funnel. With online advertising getting more and more expensive for the average person, it's important you are not only building a business for today, but for tomorrow, next year and hopefully 5,6,7 years time!

Software such as ClickFunnels is often mentioned as a solution to 'having a website'. If you abandon the website model, you are going to lose a hell of a lot of organic referrals, if you are looking at the long term for your business, this is not the way you want to go. Search Engine Optimisation should be at the forefront of any business development plan. Abandoning your website in favour of a sales funnel means you can wave goodbye to organic traffic and hello to expensive advertising as your only form of eyes on your brand.

Conversion-focused websites are a hybrid of a sales funnel and a traditional website. It gives business owners the look, feel and organic practicality of a traditional website, as well as the lead generation and sales focus of a sales funnel. More and more businesses are switching from their static website and ensuring their business is future-proofed and built to generate leads and get them into your marketing sequence.

Created the look and feel that really connected with my audience

After a development team over-promised and massively under-delivered, I brought Andrew in to help me, as he is reliable, trustworthy and always wants to make sure you are supported and looked after. Which is rare these days. Andrew rebuilt my site very quickly and optimised for speed. He has a very artistic eye was able to create the look and feel that really connected with my audience. We were then able to team up and focus on creating some great sales funnels for my core services. I will be using his services again for sure.

ANDY MURPHY //  mindsetbydesign.co

Made the whole process of creating my brand extremely easy 

I have worked with Andrew over the past year. Not only is he professional, he is loaded with great ideas and resources. Andrew has made the whole process of creating my brand and my site extremely easy! What I love the most is he is up front with what he is doing and how much it will cost. I never felt out of the loop. Andrew is the BEST!! Will absolutely recommend him!

KAREN ELLIS  //  karenellisnutrition.com


Our cost-effective and transparent services mean you can get a professional business website created which meets your needs in a competitive online arena, no matter what your business offers.

A great website is one that works...not one that looks like it belongs in a museum and does nothing for your bank balance. You can impress your visitors and capture leads at the same time!


 We offer a few options for businesses looking for high-quality website design services without the high costs. Our websites are built from scratch using WordPress, which is an easy to use content management system. It will allow you to update pages and create blog posts for your website with ease, which means you will avoid all the techie aspects of running an online business - nobody likes complicated!


We ensure all of the websites we create are optimised for Google. This means that we set up all relevant on-page SEO before launching the website as live. We also submit all sitemaps and request indexing quickly so as not to waste time missing out on client searches.


As mentioned above, all of our websites and landing page are 100% optimised for mobiles. It makes sense to ensure that your biggest browsing audience have access to your website without problems with page loading performance. We check all speeds prior to launching your website.


When creating your website, we are very careful when using images. All images are scaled down to the proper size and compressed. No quality is lost but your speed score is improved dramatically. We also ensure all relevant caching and data parsing is working efficiently 


Providing all our customers basic training on the content management area of their site and build confidence getting to grips with the management side of things. Alternatively, we have cost and time effective website maintenance packages available to save you the hassle of backing up and updating your website.


We can build eCommerce websites, which enable you to see products online. We can build out full stores and implement payment gateways so you can accept PayPal, MasterCard, Visa etc. If you are selling products in store and not utilising the internet to reach a global audience, we can offer excellent packages to fit your needs.


Marketing and specifically remarketing is extremely powerful where your business is concerned. We are able to install tracking on your website which will enable you to retarget website visitors with an advertisement on Facebook which can be used to  encourage a specific action to be taken - extremely powerful marketing!

Looking for experienced Thrive Themes developers?

We have been using Thrive Themes for the last 4 years and in that time we have learnt how to use their plugins for maximum effect when it comes to generating leads and sales. We also work with digital agencies looking for Thrive developers for their clients

High recommended for your next project

Andrew is a consummate professional that has a exceptional eye for design and layout. He took my concept and turned it into something incredible. I would highly recommend him for your next project; large or small. One of the most reliable companies that I have ever had the privilege to work with. Thank you!!

ANTHONY MAURO //  adventurepreneurescapes.co

Helped us build our email list and gain more customers than ever before

Andrew helped us developed an online strategy for our art centre in Chester where we offer very specific services and art classes. Before hiring Andrew, we found it quite difficult to gain new leads and had no clue about online marketing. Now, we have various landing pages running which convert, and help us build our email list and gain more new customers than ever before! We are also ranking in position 1 on Google for many searches! Thank you!

MIKE GARRATT  //  chesterartcentre.co.uk


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