Why Should You Use CartFlows To Build Your WordPress Sales funnels?

This article is going to be an sincere assessment of sales funnels, WordPress and a brand new sales funnels software made exclusively for WordPress called CartFlows. I feel it is important to first introduce the concept of 'sales funnels' and why they became trendy.

As an online business owner/entrepreneur, there's a good chance you have heard about sales funnels. Even though the concept of online marketing funnels have been around for a good while, they were really only recently 'sexed up' by the author of the amazing Dot Com Secrets, Expert Secrets and ClickFunnels founder/marketing messiah, Russell Brunson.

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*Even if you don't plan on buying ClickFunnels, these books are very powerful

Before I get on to the main reason for writing this article, ClickFunnels is a software as a service solution, and it affords business owners the opportunity to create all manner of drag and drop web pages such as; landing pages, thank you pages, membership areas as well as order bumps, upsells and downsells...which link together to form the aforementioned "sales funnel". 

In the online marketing space, many entrepreneurs will recommend ClickFunnels because of it's ease of use and intuitive backroom interface (and high affiliate commissions...nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

I have used ClickFunnels myself for various projects, and it is easy to use but as a developer, I do miss the control I would have if I were creating via WordPress...can you even create high-performing sales funnels using WordPress? Erm...yes, you can!

Enter CartFlows: A WordPress Sales Funnels solution

Sales funnels are DEFINITELY not unique to ClickFunnels...There's always been an option to create really smart and high-performing sales funnels on WordPress using some of the great and easy-to-use drag and drop page building tools.

My two favourites page builders for building websites and landing pages are Elementor and Thrive Architect

Cartflows is the newest and most promising sales funnel solution for WordPress which works in tandem with WooCommerce (which for those tho don't know, is an extremely flexible ecommerce platform for WordPress). I don't really like the hyperbole which surrounds the next best thing, but CartFlows really fills me with excitement.

Cartflows allows online business owners to create sales funnels using WooCommerce which maximise the potential profit from a customers visit by offering order bumps, upsells and downsells via the creation of some fine checkouts which are fully customisable using the aforementioned page builders as well as others.

It even offers templates which are ready to import into your existing website! This allows you to start making profit right off the bat, whether you use SEO or paid ads to drive your traffic.

The standard WooCommerce/WordPress checkout experience is one of complications (depending on what WordPress theme you are using)..in fact some of them are truly awful...one of my own websites uses the theme's native checkout (I plan on changing to a CartFlows checkout in time) and it's a very unpleasant experience (as you'll see below).

The Importance of a Conversion Focused Checkout: CartFlows assists you here!

The beauty of CartFlows is the ability to create checkouts using your preferred page builder. Elementor is one of the most popular drag and drop page builders for WordPress...in fact, I love it!

The Thrive Themes Membership offers an insane value proposition for online marketers wanting to create beautiful sales funnels and conversion focused websites. Thrive Themes and CartFlows go hand-in-hand in relation to conversion optimisation and have the potential to be a terrific duo where making money online is concerned.

  • Analytics are always extremely important when selling products and services online. You need to understand your data and quickly spot which of your offers are performing, which could do with some adjustment, and which are stinking the place out! There is no such thing as over-optimisation.
  • A/B split testing is something all entrepreneurs should be doing. If you're not A/B-testing, how do you know what is/isn't working. A simple tweak can make all the difference in your conversions. CartFlows is developing an A/B testing system which will allow you to A/B test headlines, descriptions, prices, offers and other things. This is very similar to what Thrive Optimize does for landing pages. 
  • Cart Abandonment is HUGE. Sometimes, a person will simply abandon a checkout...i've done it countless times when shopping on amazon...but what happens then, you're sent emails regarding your near-purchase which has been left in the cart or you get retargeted with an ad on Facebook reminding you about the product. CartFlows will introducing a cart abandonment feature which will pass the information to your CRM (Infusionsoft, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit..etc) and trigger an email sequence which will aim to get them back to complete the purchase they left. Sometimes, all it takes is a little push!
  • Countdown timers are a way to create urgency in the mind of the customer. Especially when it comes to claiming a discount or adding extra volume of the same product at a discounted price, think of health supplements...always trying to sell more of the same product for a discount..."but only if you buy within the next 5 minutes"
  • Just like with ClickFunnels, in CartFlows you can rearrange the steps in your sales funnel by dragging and dropping. The funnel will then dynamically update so the steps are in the appropriate order. No more messing around with changing button URLs, it's all done with a few clicks, pretty nifty!

The Importance of a Conversion Focused Checkout: CartFlows assists you here!

ClickFunnels vs CartFlows?

  • The Funnel Hacker Cookbook: which is acts like a funnel building blueprint. It's a free book as well, and even if you do not buy into ClickFunnels I highly recommend reading his books at least!
  • Funnel Scripts: which is amazing for those running webinars and writing sales copy. The funnel scripts basically writes the copy for you. You can watch the webinar on this here if interested. 
  • The Perfect Webinar: helps marketers perfect their webinars and sales scripts. Again, even if you're not intending on trying ClickFunnels, Brunson is the man to listen to.

WordPress is the much more flexible tool and I have been able to produce a far higher quality feel to my pages than using ClickFunnels, not to mention the pros where ranking in Google is concerned, organic traffic to your landing page should one of your traffic sources and with WordPress you are able to optimise away using tools like SEOPress, ClickFunnels isn't built with organic traffic in mind.

If you ever decide you want to start some organic branding and want to get a website etc up, you can make a transition from ClickFunnels over to WordPress and CartFlows for greater control and optimisation!

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