Done For You Marketing Strategies - Get More Leads, Make More Sales

Optimised Marketing Strategies To Get More Leads & Sales For Your Business

Imagine having a sales team who would work for you 24/7 trying to gather quality leads to turn into potential customers, that would be amazing, wouldn't it? The draw back here would be the salaries you would have to pay, and everything else which comes with hiring staff. Setting up a marketing sales funnel for your business is like having a skilled sales team working for you day and night, which means you get to automate the process of acquiring new leads and customers from platforms such as Google and Facebook.

Without leads you don't have a business, you have an expensive hobby. It's important to have an entire marketing system in place which will enable you to capture qualified prospects and turn them into customers without the need to hire a sales team. It's important to note that a fully-implemented marketing system works non-stop, which means you are building your prospect and customer base which means you spend less time watching the screen, and more time servicing your customers.

Automated marketing systems are ideal for business owners who want to own a more profitable business, but have a million and one things to do on a daily basis, it doesn't really matter how long you have been in business - you understand that time is money, time is your most valuable asset. The last thing you want to be doing is fiddling about with the tech side of things. For many entrepreneurs and business owners, they simply don't have the skills, or the time to learn how to build professional looking lead and marketing pages designed to do the job they are supposed to do - create leads and make you money.



It's important for us to understand how an online marketing system could be of benefit your business. For this, we need to determine, what you sell and how you sell and then formulate a clear and concise strategy on how we can generate more leads and more sales than you have ever had previously


Where your business presents itself is extremely important in the entire marketing process, it's not worth advertising on a platform where your ideal customers cannot be found. The main avenues required to attract prospects is through search engines or social media


Sales and lead funnels do a great job of trapping traffic and leading them towards taking a specific action on your landing page and leave their email address or enter into a Messenger chat which can further reinforce your sales message and continue a conversion 


The average attention span of the global population in 2018 is pretty poor, in fact, 6-8 seconds seems to be the maximum when consuming online content, particularly for businesses trying to sell something. Businesses are all vying for their target audience's attention in a competitive online space. It's important that your page holds the visitor long enough for them to give you their contact details. We A/B split test all of our landing pages!


One of the most overlooked elements of a successful sales campaign is the ability to build trust and add value where the customer experience is concerned. Without developing a relationship with your prospect and simply going in straight for the lining in their pockets, you are missing out on turning a visitor into a paying customer and also into a fan who will continue to buy your products or access your service in the future.


There's simply no point in spending money on marketing or trying to rank high on Google if the page you are sending people to simply doesn't convert visitors into leads. You may as well throw your money away. We understand how to build landing pages which capture the customers eye, emanates trust and encourages the customer to leave their contact details in exchange for an offer they don't want to leave without!

At the end of the day, would you prefer to run a stressful business which struggles to get leads and customers? Or, a thriving business which enables you to have the lifestyle you desire?


By turning your website visitors into leads, and getting them into your automated sales sequence, it allows your business to generate income on autopilot, and let you concentrate on the front-end of your business.

Sales funnels are all the rage at the moment, because they are designed to work. Why wouldn't you want get as many targeted people into your funnel as possible which will then weed out the time-wasters and the people not willing to invest in whatever it is you are offering.

The work was done in less than 24 hours

I had Andrew do some works for me on my website and he did a great job and delivered exactly what I asked for. The work was done in less than 24 hours, he was really responsive and helpful. I will be using Andrew in the future.


Helped us build our email list and gain new students

Andrew helped us developed an online strategy for our art centre in Chester where we offer very specific services and art classes. Before hiring Andrew, we found it quite difficult to gain new leads and had no clue about online marketing. Now, we have various landing pages running which convert, and help us build our email list and gain more new students than previous attempts! Thank you!


The steps towards a more profitable business

There are four main ingredients involved when it comes to getting more customers through your physical and online doors and making more sales, but before you even think about arming your business with a sales funnel, you really need to understand who you are selling to. So really, it's about building a profile of your ideal customer (you can download my free customer avatar sheet right here). If you don't know your customer, how and where are you supposed to find them? The avatar sheet will help you decipher this!

What are the basic steps for a successful sales funnel?

Awareness is where we use a variety of mediums with which to locate your local or national target audience! This can come in the form of specific advertising using Google or social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and others...or can be organic in the form of Search Engine Optimisation

Interest is the second key stage of a sales funnel where the awareness stage has drawn in prospects based on your avatar and is designed to engage and give information relevant to what you are offering as well as giving the prospect the opportunity to subscribe to your list in exchange for a free offering

Engagement is where you will start to build a relationship and trust with your new leads and set up email campaigns where you can send out personalised messages of value, such as case studies, to really strike a chord to further plant the seed in the mind of the person reading in preparation to strike with your offer

Purchase is the final stage in the funnel, and the point where you want money to change hands. The value you have consistently built up through your emails sequencing and your other content has led to this point where your prospect wishes to become a customer, client, subscriber or member

Let's promote your business and improve earnings!

If you are fed up of your business not attracting as many customers it needs to be profitable or perhaps getting frustrated with all of the effort you are putting in with no visible result, it means that it's time to reach out and ask for help! Your prospects are everywhere, it's just knowing where to find them and how to initiate a conversion and start building trusting and lasting relationships.

Capture More Emails

The power in your business is your email list, this has been the case since businesses started getting their businesses online. An engaged and segmented email lists are EXTREMELY valuable commodities as they allow you to sell your products and services again, and again without any cost. 

Make More Sales

Most people are now doing their shopping online and households requiring specific services will conduct their search through Google. Get more sales by getting your targeted prospects into your sales funnel instead of overwhelming them with your non-directional website  

Make Things Easy

Waiting, hoping and getting frustrated is doing things the hard way. Don't allow your ego to prevent you being successful. All it takes is a lead generation strategy and sales implementation to get your business moving in the right direction and start making the profits and building those relationships.

Are you curious how a sales funnel could help your business startup? Most business are not taking advantage of the power of a sales funnels and are continuing to leave money on the table. Instead of giving customers too much choice on your website, a funnel will drastically increase your conversions and cut out all of the noise and distractions a website brings. Our done for you landing page and sales funnel service ensures you get a beautiful, unique landing page built for speed, ease of use and conversions.

Over-delivered for my online business

Andrew really helped me bring an idea to life! While I had the concept of what I wanted to do in my head, I really had no idea how to translate that into an online platform. Luckily Andrew was able to give us some really good ideas and get us fast-tracked with getting quality leads. Art Exclusive will continue to work with Andrew for our future sales funnels and maintenance. 


Took my concept and turned it into something incredible

Andrew is a consummate professional that has a exceptional eye for design and layout. He took my concept and turned it into something incredible. I would highly recommend him and the team for your next project; large or small. One of the most reliable companies that I have ever had the privilege to work with. Thank you!!


Conversion Focused Website templates


We have designed and will continue to design some free lead generation templates for your WordPress website which are designed to capture visitor information when they land on your website. Why should you download our 100% free landing page templates?

  • Easily installation with Thrive Architect for WordPress
  • Built to convert your page visitors into subscribers
  • Seamless integration with your autoresponder/CRM

Struggling with your visitor conversions?


* You will need WordPress and Thrive Architect to enable this conversion focused Landing Page on your website. Thrive Architect can be bought for a one-time fee of $67.00 USD. Installation video included.  Purchase Thrive Architect for your WordPress website and build your own amazing sales pages